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HEY ALL! My name is Dani. Welcome to CravingHalifax.

Think about it.. Everyone has some sort of relationship with food. From weddings, birthdays and romantic evenings - food has always been there. 

I began writing little reviews on Yelp, enjoying every moment of it. I had a blast at the local Yelp events in Halifax, getting to try many new places. I'd venture out to find the best and coolest places, meeting some amazing people along the way. I quickly came to find that my passion for food and people was unbelievable.

CravingHalifax has been a way to express my personal opinions on local food, restaurants, and experiences. I am no way an expert critic but a person who loves to eat and enjoy experiences.

I have also found that I have a great platform to show off the many amazing local restaurants that are way too underrated. Hopefully you'll find a resto you've never heard of or get an idea for dinner tonight.

Some people might only be able to afford a night out once a week or once a month.. I want to help them make their experience a memorable one. Good food, great service and an every better time.

So here is my blog - raw and unapologetic, I hope you enjoy!

 Want to collab? Questions about a resto or a review? CONTACT ME!

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