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Brunch dreams at Almonak

Stopped by for brunch at Almonak, Halifax’s newest spot to relax and grab a bite, and absolutely fell in love with the people, the atmosphere and of course the food! Everyone is super willing to greet and meet you. The staff also make wicked suggestions if you’re not sure what your stomach desires. I noticed while I was eating and getting my next piece ready - my mouth would start watering begging for another bite!

I decided to get the Masala Eggs and Benny with the hollandaise sauce on the side and hard poached eggs. This is a preference thing but the best part is that they were able to accommodate. I did not feel awkward at all asking for the modifications and the server made it clear that they are they for my culinary experience and if someone has an allergy or a preference, that is their number one priority / concern.

I was given a beet latte as well to have with my breakfast and this had me a little uneasy. I am not a huge fan of beets, as many of you see with my juice cleanses, however this drink tasted like a cloud! It was bright pink so instantly it caught my eye. There were hits of cinnamon or nutmeg.. and drinking it felt very light. It wasn’t as heavy as a hot chocolate, which is normally my go to drink as I don’t drink caffeinated drinks. The goal of Almonak seems to focus on community and lifestyle while also focusing on new and innovative ways to promote health and wellness in their food. They want to create a safe space where you can come and grab a coffee and check an email or two, or come in for a large family style dinner with your friends and family and try a new experience.

My main focus when I go into restaurants is food and experience and I truly believe Almonak has exceeded both of these categories. I felt relaxed as if I was in the corner of an empty starbucks but felt engulfed in the fun atmosphere of people laughing and enjoying themselves and their food. The food was unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. I am a very picky eater so at the end of the day, tastes and textures are important.

I hope y’all get to enjoy this fabulous new resto as much as I will continue to. Also please note, their menu can be made with Keto, Gluten Free and Veganism in mind. Please consult with your server and/or chef!

5659 Almon St, Halifax, NS B3K 3X2

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