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Budapest Bisztro carries itself into 2020

I stumbled into Budapest Bisztro on Friday night to see what all of the excitement was surrounding this new restaurant on Washmill Lake Drive.

It was extremely busy, there was so much going on. We had to wait about 17 minutes for our reserved table to be ready but we were seated at the bar until our table was ready. There seemed to be a large group birthday and a few other major milestones being celebrated, so we didn’t mind too much.

Once seated, everything was smooth sailing from there. We ordered the Latkes, which were essentially shredded potato patties grilled with home made sour cream for dipping. I am a huge potato lover, so of course, I enjoyed it very much. It wasn’t a texture I was used to but I was very pleased with the dish.

I ordered the Hungarian sausages for my main. This dish came with potato wedged, hot mustard and 3 in-house sausages. I feel the need to mention that this dish was under $15 and the portion size was absolutely huge. The sausages were tender, flavourful and moist… (I dislike that word too). I was surprised with how good the entire plate was and how much I enjoyed it, because lets face it – I can be picky sometimes. There was so much, I ended up cutting a bit of it up and putting it onto Greg’s dish.

Greg ordered the Beef Stroganoff, I have never seen him more excited for a dish. He loved every bite, he thought the fresh pasta was a nice touch. The dollop of sour cream was also a huge hit. He loved their homemade sour cream.

We finished with the apple strudel and the torte. The apple strudel was served with ice cream and plated perfectly. It was beautiful. It was flakey and crispy and stuffed with the delicious apple filling we all love! Jan, the owner, recommended the torte and it is genuinely one of the best desserts that I have ever tried. It is a authentic Hungarian dessert with 7 layers of cake and chocolate buttercream. I am not always a huge fan of chocolately desserts but this beautiful dessert was light, airy and was not as rich as you would think.

I was very excited that they had Nova 7 on tap!

Over all the service was good, Angela, our server was definitely trying her best. She had so many tables. She was so kind and even though it took a little bit of time for her to get to us, but when I say they were busy, they were packed! Every seat was full and every time a table left, another table was seated. The venue was very loud, which of course comes with the territory of it being busy.

It was so nice to see the owner, Jan, visiting with ALL of the tables to ensure their experience was good. He was taking orders at times, clearing tables, seating groups.. You can tell his passion is evident. He knew all about the wine list, the Hungarian wines and really prides himself on the wines and décor. His heart is huge. He let me know that a lot of the recipes were his mothers and he wanted to bring them to life, which really touched my heart. He has about 30 years of experience with the restaurant, Cafe Chianti, so he knows his stuff!

If you are looking for an amazing, casual night spot with affordable and great tasting food, I’d highly recommend this amazing bisztro. There is genuinely something for everyone, even the pickiest eater!

Budapest Bisztro

650 Washmill Lake Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 0H8

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