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Burger Week Diaries : Black Sheep Restaurant

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

We had the absolute honour of visiting Black Sheep for Burger Week, and sadly this was our first time visiting but it will not be our last. We have been following Chef Stephanie for awhile and when we found out she was going to be the master mind behind their burger – we freaked out A LOT.

Going into Black Sheep you feel at ease, the music that is playing is light but has some pop to it. There is a low light and the atmosphere feels absolutely zen. They even have some plants! Definitely a great place to walk into. Their bar looks amazing too. It was nice to see so much openness and the way everyone interacted with eachother just oozed respect.

The burger this year was the Three Little Pigs. It had a spiced Oulton’s pork patty, Pancetta (kinda like bacon) chicharron, house smoked gouda, a fried egg, chimichurri on a tiny sesame bun. I asked for mine without Gouda and my egg fried hard. Each element of this dish was perfection, I adored the chimichurri, and the egg added that extra special something. The meat was well spiced and had a nice kick to it – I was overly impressed. It was served with a side of fries or a salad and my partner and I both decided on the fries. The dipping sauce was a black garlic aioli with … SQUID INK! I asked for chimichurri on the side for dipping and they were completely fine with this. My partner loved the black aioli but all I could think about was the purple ketchup that was supposed to be ketchup but I never agreed. I thought the concept was amazing though, and it had a great consistency.

Over all, I had a great experience with Black Sheep and would HIGHLY recommend this burger and I can’t wait to go back once burger week is concluded to try a few things off of their amazing menu.

Shout out to Dave who made our experience A++

Black Sheep

1569 Dresden Row, Halifax, NS

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