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Burger Week Diaries : The Watch That Ends The Night

Nearing the end of #burgerweek we had become a bit tired of burgers but one of our top two burgers was still on our list. The meatball marinara burger from The Watch That Ends The Night. We walked in and saw the modern décor, the cool walls and the huge bar centered right in the middle.

There wasn’t many people there, probably 3 other groups of people and we were seated next to a larger rowdier group which made things a little loud. There is also a limited amount of seating from what we could see.

We posted on our Instagram our excitement for this burger and one of our commenters mentioned it looked like cafeteria food. We kind of had a chuckle but this burger was unreal and far from anything a school cafeteria could provide. From the time we ordered it took less than a few minutes for our burger to be sat in front of us. It was an absolutely amazing combination, a tangy and fresh marinara sauce.. and four perfectly rolled meatballs in spicy heavenly goodness. I truly was in love with everything about this burger. It was also a nice change from the typical burger patty which made it a little more funky and fun. I would have asked for a tiny bit more marinara sauce but this could be easily overlooked.

Our service wasn’t terrible but it also wasn’t the best. I would have to say the entire experience was about 20 minutes and waiting for the bill another 10..

The photos aren’t great and do not do the burger justice, but I promise – it was AMAZING.

The Watch That Ends The Night

15 Kings Wharf Pl #104, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 0C2

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