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Craving Cavicchi

Yesterday we called Cavicchi's Meats to place an order for our meats and it was our first time. I was nervous to say the least.. Phone ordering is terrifying to me. I would much rather order online.

I genuinely wasn’t expecting the service or the quality of meat to be so high and the price so reasonable. To be honest, I always thought meat at a meat market was crazy expensive. I would usually buy my fruits and veggies at the market, before COVID-19 and social distancing but I would always stay away from meats. I just assumed they were out of my price range.

All of this meat was about $70 and it was local.. supporting local farmers and butchers. We got fresh MAPLE sausages, bacon, chickens, scallops, fish cakes, bread, beef stir fry strips etc to name a few. Our service was unreal, Olivia gave us the option to give her a list or she would go around the store and tell us everything they had... yep. The service you get from a family meat shop that genuinely cares about you and your family. They put all my food out on the back step with my name and receipt and took my payment over the phone. Contactless and still unbelievable service. If you guys are looking. Got support local, please consider purchasing your meat from Cavicchi's , this amazing family business needs you!

5411 St.Margarets Bay Rd — Nova Scotia — 902-826-1799

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