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Dining at Darryl's Restaurant

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

I feel as if Darrel’s is a right of passage for anyone who considers themselves a Haligonian. From first dates to girls nights and all the burger weeks in between, you will always be in love with the food.

Going into Darrel’s is an experience in itself. It feels like a true diner, you’re close to those around you because of the small environment and your server treats you like you’re the only people in the whole place despite people calling for more drinks or silverware. Just a note – the many times I have went to Darrels, my order has NEVER been wrong. That’s a highlight in itself.

I usually start off with their deep fried pickles which have always been delicious – I find the consistency is always great. You never get a bad pickle. (I always request chipotle mayo with my pickles whenever possible and I love the sauces that they have!)

Usually my go to burger is the BLTCM (without the tcm). I’ve requested other veggies on my burger to make up for the cheese and other items and they have never charged me extra to replace. The bun has always been light, fluffy and I find that it is the perfect pairing for this burg. I have always chosen Darrel fries which is a crispy wedge, seasoned to perfection. Also – a shout out to the portion sizes at Darrel’s – NO ONE IS LEAVING HUNGRY. My partner’s go to burger is their famously famous peanut butter burger. If you have lived in Halifax for awhile, you have heard about the monster peanut butter burger that has won awards. Sweet potato fries are a must.

Another notable item – MILK SHAKES. They have a ton of flavours (including mint). The milkshakes are large enough to split so keep that in mind when you venture into Darrel’s with a rumbling tummy and eyes bigger than your plate. Either way, you wont regret it.

Darrel’s has vegetarian options and gluten free options – which I am sure many haligonian’s can appreciate. Their variety is great for people with all appetites – especially those who are super picky like myself. Darrel’s is more than a food joint, you get a full on experience. It’s tons of fun to just be there and be in the presence and atmosphere of such great people. WE LOVE DARRYLS.

Darryls Restaurant

5576 Fenwick St, Halifax, NS B3H 1P8

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