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Discovering Prince Edward Island

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The past weekend I had the honour of visiting PEI, and soaking up their food, their sights and their amazing hospitality. I partnered with Murphy’s Hospitality Group to show you some of their amazing Halifax – Charlottetown treats and favourites.

First on my adventure was Murphy's Hospitality Group's The Great George and honestly, if you are on the island, THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO STAY. You are in the heart of the city. We parked our car and didn’t move it at all the entire weekend. There is a mall, tons of food and shops, art galleries etc all within walking distance (less than 5 mins!). It’s so close to the water too.

Let me tell you a bit about our hotel. The 19th century feel when you walk in is stunning. I felt like I should be wearing one of those beautiful corset dresses that you would see on The Crown or Reign. It was absolutely breath taking. Ricardo, was efficient in checking us in and making sure we had everything we needed. They have fresh (individually wrapped) warm cookies for you to take to your room and DO NOT forget to take them. They are the best cookies ever, and a family recipe. You also get water, juices, sparking water etc to take up to your room. We stayed in the Kind Deluxe which had a jacuzzi tub and it was EVERYTHING I could have dreamed of. (The bathroom has heated floors!!) The outside was as beautiful as the inside. Our package was SUPER affordable, $199 for the night stay, 4 pack of Gahan Beer and a $75 gift card to use at one of their restaurants (literally across the street!) and $139 for every night after that. I felt like a princess! (

I was truly excited to try out a few of the original restos that are also in Halifax..

I started off with Gahan Pub, the ORIGINAL! I gotta tell you, the food was just as good as the Gahan in Halifax. We recently had Greg’s Birthday at Gahan (because of their event room) and it was so nice to see where it all started. The décor was the perfect pub place, it had the beautiful brick, just everything was perfection. It was also nice to see that the sweet potato fries from the Moncton and Halifax Gahan were a staple in every resto. These fish cakes were FIRE. SO delicious and I was told Gahan in Halifax had the same fish cakes (which I did not know) and I am so excited to step in and see them. Huge shout out to the GM Emily who was a gem and the staff who kept Alyssa and I replenished with ginger ales lol!

NEXT UP, If you are in PEI, I HIGHLY recommend that you take one of their brewery tours at PEI Brewing Company ( and I highly recommend Caleb as a tour guide. This lovely gentleman fed the history buff in me and we had an absolute blast! His knowledge of beer and the company itself makes him the perfect match. They also have ping pong, food and tons of space to relax and grab a pint. They have so many favourites (Blueberry Ale!) and a bunch of cool beer not in stores here in Halifax.

We then ventured to Sims, the sister restaurant to Barrington Steakhouse. I do like Barrington Steakhouse but Sims is probably my favourite steakhouse – EVER. The AGM Emily has done an amazing job with the atmosphere, the food and the service. I will definitely have Sims on my list for our next visit. I, of course, got the steak – which was cooked to perfection and melt in your mouth goodness. My bestie got the seafood fettuccine which is made IN HOUSE. It was delightful and the best part was the sauce stuck to the noodles, it wasn’t a plate of water afterwards.. if you know you know. We finished with a raspberry dessert which was amazing. ALSO, there was Nova 7, they are supporting local Halifax even in PEI.. My heart is melted. Thank you to the manager Kellie who was an absolutely amazing human and made our experience 100% better!

The next morning we chose The Brickhouse for our brunch – the food was amazing but those sausages.. I will literally dream about. The food was delicious. I LOVED the chandelier, it was like light bubbles. Definitely a fun décor.

Overall, these amazing places were truly highlights in PEI for us, the best service we could have asked for, the kindest people, the best atmosphere. There isn’t a lot of restaurants but Murphy’s Hospitality Group definitely does it right with theirs.

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