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Economy Shoe Shop Has My Heart

The Economy Shoe Shop is a staple to argyle street. With it’s “tree” interior and the dim décor, you feel the warmth and the fun atmosphere the second you walk through to doors. Although we’ve lived in Halifax for 4 years, we’ve never been.

We went on a very quite Sunday night and our server was with us very quickly. We has a few questions about the menu and she knew all the answers to our wildest food dreams. Our pickle fantasies were fulfilled and she even switched out the standard ranch for chipotle mayo – yum!

Our server also had a ton of knowledge surrounding each dish and asked us some pretty amazing questions.. Were we hungry? Did we want a lot of food or enough to be satisfied? What flavours do we like? I don’t think a single restaurant had ever been that invested in our meal! We were so pleased with out service. We originally wanted the nachos but our waitress informed us that they were massive and that the fajitas were just as delicious and still a good portion.

We ended up with the Fajitas and the butter chicken. The fajitas were an absolute treat and so savoury. The steak meat was incredibly moist and packed with so much flavour. My mouth is watering writing this! The portion size was pretty large for one order. The butter chicken was a little tomatoey more so than curryey but still delicious. The basmati rice was seasoned well and the naan was the absolute best part- grilled to perfection. The portion size and amount of chicken was also insane!

Our over all experience couldn’t have been better. We LOVED the atmosphere, LOVED the food and LOVED our service. The prices were incredibly fair for the portions and food you received. I can actually see this as being one of my new favourite dinner spots in down town (especially mooseheads season next year).

Economy Shoe Shop

1663 Argyle St, Halifax, NS B3J 2B5

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