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Family Values at Burnside Pizzeria

Pizza is a staple in my household. It's simple to make on pre-bought dough, it's easy to throw it in the oven and even easier to order with almost zero turn around time. However, sometimes pizza shops go above and beyond and Burnside Pizzeria is an amazing example of that.

Do you remember when Burnside was covered in trees? You might not but Burnside Pizzeria does! In a little pizza shop with almost no seating, Abe and Joanne had a dream. That dream quickly grew with the help of their children encouraging them to expand their resto.

When you walk in, you are almost instantly greeted by Andrew, their son and Abe and Joanne. Andrew now assumes ownership but Abe and Joanne still spend much of their time at the pizzeria.

We ordered a BBQ chicken pizza, a works pizza, garlic fingers, an order of donair egg rolls, a Greek and a Caesar salad.

The crust itself was fluffy, and I felt as if there was no "crust" at all. The crust was not doughy but also held itself. It didn't have a crunch to it. It was perfectly perfect. There was a generous amount of toppings on the pizza, and you could tell that they take their art to the next level. There was so much cheese that when you took a piece, you had cheesy goodness dripping down the sides from the piece it was still attached to.. No cheap cheese here! The pizza was delicious and a large pizza could easily feed a family or 4. We had the pleasure of sharing with our family and they loved each bite as much as we did.

The donair egg rolls were what I fell in love with the most. The taste, the crunch, the seasoning - everything about their donair egg roll is delicious. Their homemade donair sauce was packed with flavour and each bite was better than the next. Yes, I did eat an entire order of donair egg rolls BY MYSELF.. #worthit. I have also discovered my love of donair egg rolls now that I have tasted how good they can be.

The salads were HUGE! They could fill an army in seconds. The Caesar salad, loaded with bacon and homemade sauce.. the Greek salad filled with feta. You are treated just like family when you order from here..

The restaurant was extremely clean and I accidentally stayed a little passed closing to see Andrew vigorously cleaning the second they locked the doors. He was so kind, asking about our meals and Amanda was such a sweetheart - constantly checking in on us and telling us a little about the story of Burnside Pizzeria.

I would definitely recommend Burnside Pizzeria and I feel like everyone should try it once in their lifetime to see what good quality pizza is. I also would 10/10 recommend the amazing donair egg rolls that I will have dreams about to this day. Absolutely amazing experience. They do cater events in Dartmouth and if I lived / worked in Dartmouth you best believe i'd be all over that.

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