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Father's Day at Beach Pea, Lunenburg adventures.

The Beach Pea Restaurant was certainly an EXPERIENCE. We had driven to Lunenburg to find out that the entire cities power was shut off (due to a planned power outage that had unexpectedly lasted longer). We started our morning off with a horse drawn carriage through the town, most lights were off so it certainly added a fun vibe.

With Beach Pea being one of the only restaurants with electricity around 11 (also seeing Chef Dany Dugay’s experience) I was beyond joyous to bring my family there for fathers day. It was my first time but I had heard so much about how awesome the owners were and how proud they were of their (newish) resto.

We were seated after a small delay and one we were seated, the power went off again. Everyone handled it so well though, making jokes and having a laugh. Our server Rob seemed to take control and make sure to check in with everyone – what a sweet heart.

We weren’t given drinks or menus until the lights came on, I assume incase anyone wanted to jump ship! After about 15 minutes though, the lights came on. It was actually really fun, the Beach Pea is a very cozy spot and we made friends with the people next to us with a cute baby (delightful!).

My father and I ordered the steak and frites, a 4oz steak with tomato, herb and garlic butter and shoestring like fries. The steak was delicious and already cut for us (this I did find a bit strange but hey, what do I know). My partner had the smoked salmon was delicious, and the poached eggs were silky and runny, which my partner says is perfect for sandwiches. My mom got the beach pea breakfast with soft poached eggs, her words were “this is best brunch of my life!”. Mama spoke and truer words never told!

Over all, the experience was pretty good, and showed how much of a team that the Beach Pea was. They worked together and triumphed. No one sat down to relax, they were like a well-oiled machine and I was highly impressed with the level of professionalism. Although not perfect, they were close. I would definitely go back to try their dinner menu and experience their patio.

128 Montague St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0

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