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Feeling Lucky at Luckett's Vineyards

We decided to go to Luckett‘s Vineyards during the first snow fall of the year. Driving up to the main building, you feel so at peace and relaxed. It’s a stunning view. You are on a hill overlooking the valley, breath taking. We didn't take a picture but please note : there is a Red Phone Booth that is their prime photo taking location :)

We started off our trip by having an incredible wine tasting and a Luckett History / Info session with Allan. Allan is such a gentleman, so honest and kind. He himself is from the UK, where Pete Luckett’s history goes back to. Allan prepared our tastings while also doing multiple groups at the same time. He told us about how the buried red and white wines are actually buried below frost level. We tried the buried vs unburied and the taste is really different in my opinion. I truly loved the softer, smoother finish that the buried wines had. That was an incredible hour or so of fun.

We then decided to pop into the restaurant with hopes of trying their chicken pot pie with their Ortega wine gravy. However, they had just launched their Fall menu and it wasn’t on it. I was CRUSHED.

Their new fall menu has a bit more time and the preparation. The chefs are in a slower season and are able to pair things together and spend a longer time with each dish. I started off with an app, the smoked tomato and garlic soup with a scone. I will say this is probably the best restaurant tomato soup I’ve ever had. I like to make my own but this smokey flavoured soup sent me over the edge in happiness.

For our mains, Greg got the seafood chowder with a scone – which he devoured in seconds. Their soups are such a highlight on a cold day. My main was the striploin. The colour on the board was unreal, it made me so happy! After having the soup, I couldn’t have any salad but was happy to eat my striploin and fries. Jeremy was a fantastic server and always added freshly ground pepper AND A SMILE. The strip loin was delicious, a little watery underneath for my liking. I was dipping it into the green goddess aioli the entire time.. I was also dipping my fries in the green goddess aioli.

We ended our meals with a cheesecake to share. Very scrumptious.

So we’ve established that the food is great, the service is great and the wine is great.. I would have to say this is probably one of my favourite experiences / memories in awhile. Lucketts truly delivers on every front from an amazing customer service to a vibe where you feel like you are part of their journey.

They are open until Dec 22, 2019 if you want to check it out.. We might be back for my birthday on Dec 21 😊 It was meant to be!

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