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First Time at Julep on Barrington

I visited @julepofficial last night, so many of you wanted me to try it.

We went at 5:30 which is actually their happy hour (4-6). Honestly, GO. Their happy hour was unlike any happy hour menu items I’ve ever seen and everything on the menu is $2.5

Happy Hour Menu

✨Fried Chicken Slider

✨Lobster Beignets

I ended up getting a second plate of the beignets because it was one of the best things I have ever had. Crunchy, not soggy at all. The flavour was kind of sweet, I absolutely loved it.

Fried chicken slider - get it.


✨ Greek Goddess Julep Fries ($16)

✨ Gnocchi ($20)

✨ Fried Chicken ($18 + side of fries)

Huge fan of their buttermilk fried chicken and julep fries. It was absolutely delicious, and fried so perfectly. I think they had Louisiana hot sauce for dipping and maybe their rumoulade too? It was unreal. I can’t even describe how delicious these were.

Over all the food was amazing, I heard they really focused on the drinks but I can tell you that they indeed, focus on their food as well.

Our server Evan was an absolutely super star and a sponge of knowledge! He was able to give me info about my allergy in dishes so I could make an informed decision - still went for the the buttermilk fried chicken and it was worth it.

The atmosphere was VERY loud, I felt like I was shouting to the person in front of me the entire time. The music was loud but then with people shouting over, it was a little much. The prices were a little pricy, in my opinion. It would be great for groups, if you are sharing items but I still think even then it’s a little pricy. Sadly somewhere I wish I was able to go a lot more but definitely won’t be able to.

All in all, I would highly recommend this beautiful space. A+ food, A+ service but probably not a good place for a date or if you don’t want to share food.

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