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Happy times at Hopyard

Hopyard Halifax is a beautiful and unique spot, spacious, tons of seating and it’s a great open concept that doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed with space. There's a few arcade games and TONS of beer. We went while they were serving their AlBEERta beers.. Beers from Alberta. This was super cool. The craft beer scene is definitely booming in Nova Scotia so it was neat to check out the craft beers from other parts of Canada. The atmosphere was welcoming, our service Anthony definitely did a great job welcoming us.

We did the 2 can dine for $50. This included 4 “appetizers” which could be chosen from the Vegan menu or the regular menu. It also included 2 beer and one dessert to share.

The food was A LOT of fun. I mentioned this in my Instagram post. There were wings, corn dogs, fries.. They played with colour, texture, flavours, sauces – you name it. I can be picky so Anthony was able to get the sauces in the side for the wings. Everything complemented each other. I have to say, in the beginning I was hesitant because there were so many texture and flavours and sauces.. but it was a delight. The fun concept definitely made for good conversation. We also had their burger and fries.. which were just as amazing.

I didn’t enjoy their dessert – which was a vegan chocolate cake. I feel like it was kind of the texture of a truffle but the taste was a little off to me. I usually have dairy-free options for desserts but I couldn’t get behind this dessert.

All in all, I would definitely go back to The Hopyard. It was fun, funky and I had a blast. The experience as a whole was a lot of fun and the food definitely got us all chatting. If you like craft beer and / or are vegan, this would be an awesome place to check out.

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