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Jukai Sushi is Just OK

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Jukai sushi recently opened up in Dartmouth (Kings Wharf). Although my love of seafood is lacking, my love of vegetarian sushi and other AYCE items is very much alive. We were told that Jukai mainly took reservations so we did just that. One downfall is the lack of parking in the area – especially in the winter with even less parking. After driving around a bit we found a parking space about a 10-15 minute walk from Jukai.

We were seated at a window seat, with a tiny table. I do admit that the table size was extremely small for an AYCE restaurant or a restaurant in general. We were one of four groups there when we arrived, it was very quiet and not at all as busy as we would have expected. The sun was setting and the light was a little hard on the eyes so we requested a different seat. We did know how that this would be such a big deal. We were lectured by our server about how busy they usually are and how difficult it would be as they were fully booked. Once we received our food, our server allowed us to move seats (although it was hardly busy). I would have to say it was not the best service we’ve ever received and I think it soiled the rest of our evening and made us feel like we were a burden.

We ordered tons of food, from sushi to diced steak. I did quite enjoy the steak and my partner ordered about 40 pieces in total and enjoyed everything! Each dish was wrapped well. A huge surprise was that they also had cooked sushi – which was great to try. I was also pleased that they had chicken / beef sushi rolls without fish. They do have different menu options than the other AYCE restos in Halifax and it was fun to try for the first time. I also enjoyed their thai portion – I am a huge fan of thai. Their red curry chicken was extremely sweet with a little kick. I also love the iPad ordering system. The quality was about what would expect from an AYCE sushi restaurant. The time between clearing our plates was quite lengthy. We are used to restaurants like Mizu where once you are done – your dishes are taken immediately. However, I found Jukai waited until there was a lot of dishes to be wisked away. By this time we had been sat at a double table and the empty dishes covered the second table.

There is a salad and dessert buffet bar with ice cream – which I thought was a nice touch. It was pretty bare but we were asked to take photos after they restocked it, kind of funny.

The food was good, but I found that my experience as a whole wasn’t what I would have expected. I have heard a lot of great things about Jukai in the last couple months since their opening but unfortunately, the atmosphere wasn’t the best. It’s a great location for Kings Wharf residents but I don’t feel like travelling out that way would be worth my time. The atmosphere and experience of a restaurant is just as important as the food.

Jukai Restaurant

49 Kings Wharf Pl unit 103-104, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 0C7

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