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Munching at Moxie's

The food at Moxie's never disappoints and at the new Nova Center location it was NO exception! Today we started off with the freshly smashed guac for an appy. As always - so yummy! @Chefdanyduguay had the Fish Tacos. The fish tacos were good and a large portion for the price you pay. It had large chunks of ingredients which made it picture perfect 😛. It was plated very well. She was also very happy with the Sweet Potato Fries. @theslowbraise had the Blackened Chicken Burger and he quite enjoyed it. One of the best things about Moxie's is that they do not skimp on toppings. They just load them on. The burger was peppery but still satisfying and delicious. The bun was especially beautiful. I had the Steak Frites. The steak was absolute perfection, cooked the way I asked, LOADED with chimichurri sauce on top and quite a bit of pepper underneath. It usually comes with fries but I opted for the mashed potatoes (not pictured). Over all it was a pretty good experience. I do need to note that the plates that came out for the appys were dirty.. There was (what looked like) cheese on the first plate and on the bottom of the last plate there was chocolate sauce.. I am assuming. It definitely was a little shocking to see. Once mentioned, new plates were placed and they offered to comp our meals (even though it was just our app dishes). Their GM reaches out and expressed their concern and tried to make everything right. It was not a big deal but it was nice to see how much they cared and how much pride they put into their meals. I have never received anything but respectful and professional service and Taylor went above and beyond with her service to us. Aside from that hiccup, it was a pretty pleasurable experience The decor, the exposed brick, the scrabble letters on the wall with local wording.. it felt very sophisticated but also very fun! The atmosphere is definitely unlike any other Moxie's I’ve been to. It would be fun for a date night or just a chill session after work (like we did). I’ll definitely be back.

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