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Our Juice Cleanse, April 2019 with The Juice Press

The Juice Press was an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. I began scoping out a healthy cleanse for right after burger week and messaged a few Halifax places that did juice cleanses. Kensey from the Juice Press was the only person who was willing to answer the questions on the spot and she was completely honest about the taste, texture and which one would be the best fit.

Kensey fit me in for a face to face meeting and spent about 20 minutes explaining the benefits and finding the correct cleanse to fit my life style. I had decided to follow through with the 3 day mini cleanse which consisted of 4 drinks and left us room to have raw foods and proteins. This light cleanse is meant for the busy bee who wants to do a cleanse but life just wont have it.

I had heard TONS of things about my juice cleanse, that I would break out uncontrollably, that I would be hormonal, etc. None of them were true for me. Aside from feeling a little hungry (my own fault for lack of planning) it was amazing. My skin looked and felt softer, I felt more energized and over all just in a better mood. A pleasant surprise!

With the Juice Press, I felt like I was getting a honest opinion and they weren’t just trying to get me to buy. They reminded me the day before my pick up and even checked in with me mid way to see how I was feeling about the beet juice (which I hated).

Here are my thoughts on the juices that were included..

1. Wide Awake (Beets, Carrots, Sweet Peppers and Apple)

This was not only the grossest drink I’ve had in my life but it was also the hardest one to get down but I drank them.. All three. It genuinely tasted earthy, like right after you peel your potatoes and your hands have that earth smell / taste. That’s exactly how it tastes.

2. Be Gone (Lemon, Grapefruit and Orange)

This drink tasted exactly like Tropicana with a huge lemon after taste. I did enjoy this one and it was delightful.

3. Illusionist (Cucumber, Apple, Pineapple, Carrot, Broccoli, Spinach, Lime)

First thoughts on this drink.. It looks like vomit. It looks like a runny green juice so I was expecting it to be absolutely horrid. However, I was incredibly surprised and absolutely pleased with the amazing taste. If you have ever had a Dave Matthews drink in New Brunswick, you will agree that this tastes exactly like it. Power of the Pineapple!

4. Silky Cashew (Cashews, Dates, Vanilla, Water)

As many of you know, I am lactose intolerant but I also strongly dislike the texture and taste of milk. If you enjoy milk this would be great for you. I did sip it but I added a banana and cinnamon to it to make a smoothie each night (thanks to Kensey’s ideas!)

All in all, I am prepared to do a mini cleanse once every month or two. I find the price was great for 97$ taxes in and the benefits truly outweighed my disgust for the beet drink.


IN MIND (if you are allergic to beets or carrots, etc) but please be mindful that these drinks are made in a facility that carries and incorporates nuts into products.

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