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Pizza at Rhubarb Resto

Rhubarb Restaurant 8650 Peggys Cove Road, Indian Harbour, NS

Going to Rhubarb Resto this weekend was unbelievable. I’m very disappointed in myself for not going any sooner. Greg and I took full advantage of the restrictions having a little wiggle room and went for a drive, grabbed pizza and dessert and pulled over on the side of the road in Peggys Cove to enjoy our food on the rocks - alone!

The pizza was a thin crust DREAM. We chose The Big M pizza and added peppers and omitted cheese on half the pizza (pesky casein allergy). It was honestly extraordinary.

For dessert we tried their chocolate pate, and this might sound ridiculous but I cried. Full on bawled. Today was one of the days I felt happy in a very long time. The pate reminded me of my dads skor dessert and how I wish he was here in NS with me. I wish my sister was here with me. It’s funny how food can make you think of such memories.

Rhubarb is a warm restaurant and the owner, Diane, is filled with love, passion and pure happiness. I’ll definitely be visiting a few more times this summer, the food is AMAZING! Thanks to all those who’ve recommended it to me! I would highly recommend !

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