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Saying No at Yes Chef!

We have been wanting to try out Yes Chef for awhile but it wasn’t in an area where we would necessarily go often. We’ve heard a lot of mixed buzz, some good and some bad. With that being said, I feel like out experience was very mixed as well. What drew me in was a post they did about wings – as many of you know wings are my WEAKNESS. I was so excited.

We walked in and we were not seated right away, until someone came to let us know to sit anywhere. Once seated it took no time at all to get our drinks. We ordered wings and hummus with pita as an appy. The wings were definitely delicious and crispy. I feel like that’s definitely something I look for in a good wing – the CRISP factor. The hummus was an absolute treat. They served the olive oil to pour over the hummus in a little tiny jar with a mini cork. It was so precious. We had a lot of fun with that concept. The hummus was packed with flavour, and such a great consistency. The pita was delicious as well.

Greg had the seafood linguine. The sauce was okay but not very creamy and there wasn’t very much. There was a watery consistency to it. The seafood was plentiful and did have flavour. He enjoyed it but mentioned that it’s not something he would get again.

My main dish was the steak. I am a huge fan of steak and have had it at almost every restaurant in the city. I would definitely not have the steak here again. As you can see from the pictures, in my opinion it wasn’t cooked properly. When presented it was EXTREMELY watery, I actually put my napkin underneath and it completely absorbed the liquid. From the photo, you can see the water pooling at the top of the steak.. There was a red sauce on the side but the steak itself had no taste and they didn’t carry any steak or bbq sauces to mask that. I had a few bites and didn’t finish the rest. I definitely wouldn’t consider this “high-end”.

All in all, as mentioned, our experience was mixed. The service was good and the apps were delicious. It’s in a convenient spot with tons of parking – away from the noise of the city. However, I don’t think it was enough to warrant me coming back in. I was really disappointed and that probably affected my experience a tad bit.

30 Damascus Rd, Bedford, NS B4A 0C2

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